Support to register the company and/or a personal ID06 account

You can get personal support from Sistec when creating an ID06 account. Sistec is also the authorized company for scanning of passports and national IDs with offices and mobile teams in Sweden and abroad. 

If you have a valid eID (for example a Swedish BankID), register and order your cards online

List of valid eIDs, click here

Registration for foreign companies

Foreign companies (not registered in Sweden) must register in the ID06 system in a manual process at Sistec. There are different rules and documentation requirements for the registration process, depending on which country the company is based in. You will find rules and requirements here

However, this rules are valid for all:

  1. The authorized signatory of the company must be present, with a valid passport or national ID, at Sistec when the company will be registered, otherwise the registration will not be approved! No signed proxies or agreements will be accepted.
  2. The authorized signatory must bring the registration certificate for the company (or a copy). Check with Sistec, when booking an appointment which documents are needed for your company registration!

Register your company here

Most company registrations can be done at any of Sistec offices, in Sweden or abroad. The only exception is if the company is based in any of the countries listed below. If so, the registration process must be done at a specific Sistec office, please check with Sistec before booking your appointment!

List of countries that needs special registration

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