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How do I register the company?
Not able to login with BankID?
Wrong personal information has been registered
How do I login to my ID06 account?
Where do I register the company?
Do you need manual support to register your company and/or your personal ID06 account?
Why am I not the authorized signatory?
Approved companies in the ID06 system
Who needs a personal ID06 account?
How do I register my personal ID06 account?
Do you have problem to register your ID06 account?
How do I change the personal information at my ID06 account?
How do I add or take away users?
Is it possible to order cards for several of companies?
How do I add a company?
How to order cards with passport/ID scanning
Scan passports or IDs
Approved passports and ID cards
No eID / BankID?
How to scan passport or ID card
How do I order a card when the card holder doesn´t have an eID?
A1 certificate
Do you need manual support to register your company and/or your personal ID06 account?
Photo requirements
Create an ID06 account
Order cards
Scanning process
Register company
Terms and conditions for ID06
Privacy Policy
User terms
ID06 regulations
Reclaim card
How to change address for invoices
Price list
Yearly fee
Electronical invoice (e-invoice)
Can I change the delivery address?
How do I log in to the order portal?
The card doesn´t work /activate card
Rejected card order
We are not able to order ID06 cards, what is wrong?
Fast delivery
What´s the difference between a visitor card and a standard ID06 card?
The order has not been approved by Nexus, why?
Are not able to confirm card /error message
Who needs to confirm a card order?
How do I check the status for a specific card?
Active or inactive card – ID06 short track
How do I change a card order?
Block card
Company logotype
What´s the difference between Blocked card and Terminated card?
Problems with the card when accessing to the construction site?
PIN code
The link to approve or activate a card doesn´t work/haven´t received a link
How do I change the payment method to e-inovice
The invoice has no PO number, why?
Have you received a reminder of payment?
How do I use my credit note?
How do I handle the invoice if I have sent the goods in return?
Who can terminate a user from the system?