Reclaim and return


Check this before you fill in the reclaim form and return the card:

1, The new ID06 card needs to be placed very close to the reader.

2, You need to keep the card close to reader for a longer time than before, do not wave with the card in front of the reader!

3, Have you activated your card? Otherwise it will not be registered by the reader.
Activate your card here

4, If you stillhaving trouble to enter your construction site, contact the company that provides the card reader at the site to make sure you are registered properly in their system.

If your card still doesn´t work,  fill in the form for reclaim and submit it together with the card.
If you need a new card, log in to the order portal and register a new card order. Please note, Nexus will not compensate the costs for Express delivery for a new card, only standard delivery is included.

Download the reclaim form in English

Download the reclaim form in Swedish

Log in to the order portal