Card exchange Nexus

Prevent potential delivery delays; place your card orders today

Prepare for the upcoming card replacement!

In the first half of 2024, a significant number of cards ordered from Nexus ID06 will require renewal, as they have a validity period of 5 years before replacement is necessary.

As a majority of our customers will be affected by the card replacement, and we anticipate a surge in demand for orders during Q1 2024, we strongly encourage you to place your orders now.



Ensure a seamless card replacement process by following our checklist:

  1. Update the cardholder's address: Make sure the cardholder's address is current, especially if they have moved or wish to have the order sent to a different address than the previous one.
  2. Use a portrait photo that meets the requirements: The cardholder's portrait photo must not be older than 6 months. Review the full photo requirements [here](insert link).
  3. Check for changes in the cardholder's name: Verify that the cardholder's first and last name is updated, if any name changes have occurred.
  4. Utilize our Self-Service portal: For employees with Swedish citizenship and a BankID, we recommend using our Self-Service portal. This portal streamlines the administration process, involving the cardholder, who needs to add their information and approve the order with their BankID.