Tyréns chooses Nexus for all ID06 and customized company access cards!

Tyréns wanted to have customized access card for all their employees and with the Nexus online service, GO Cards, they found a solution that met their needs and requirements, ensuring easy and secure card management.

“Nexus has given us excellent support throughout the entire process, and they have given us valuable recommendations regarding the card design and how we could reach a high-security level,” says Niklas Elm, Purchasing Manager at Tyréns AB.

With Nexus GO Cards, Tyréns has an online order portal for identification and access control products. They will get their products personalized, encoded and ready-to-use when delivered to any of Tyréns’ offices in Sweden.

The quality of deliveries, functional order portal and high competence of Nexus employees were important factors when Tyréns chose Nexus as its security partner.

Ready-to-use access cards

Administrators located at Tyréns offices across Sweden are now able to order their customized cards and accessories within a single system. Today, Tyréns has about 1,485 activated company cards registered.

ID06 cards – a requirement for Swedish construction sites

When it was time to upgrade to the new ID06 card 2.0, Tyréns chose to continue and develop their cooperation with Nexus.

“Our experience showed that our collaboration with Nexus on the old ID06 card worked very well and it was important for us to continue that. We  also knew that Nexus is highly competent in both digital and physical security. Since the new ID06 card combines both, we felt it was very reassuring to have Nexus as our partner for this,” Niklas Elm, purchasing manager at Tyréns AB says.

So far, Nexus has produced over 980 ID06 cards for Tyréns.

The new ID06 card has a higher security level and the cardholder must be identified either via eID or by scanning an approved passport. The new system for ID06 cards favors established companies like Tyréns since all companies are controlled when they register and the connection between employers and employees is ensured, which counteracts illegal labor.


About Tyréns:

Tyréns is one of Sweden’s leading community development consultancies. They create  sustainable solutions in the fields of urban development and infrastructure.Owned by a private foundation, Tyréns is committed to research and development. They are driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to create better communities.

Published December 12, 2019

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