The new visitor card has now been launched!

A new visitor card for ID06 work sites is now available for ordering at Nexus order portal. If you have the company logotype printed at your standard ID06 card, your visitor cards will also have the logo printed.

There are some differences between the old and the new card:

  • The visitor card can´t  be used to open doors/gates or to register in the electronical system (personalliggare) when accessing the site.
  • A visitor must always be accompanied by someone with a standard ID06 card.
  • In case of emergency, all visitors needs to be register manually or in a visitor system with the following information; name/company/who you are visiting/date/time in/time out/

Previously, a company could just order a limited amount of visitor cards. For the new card there are no such limitations.

Order the visitor card in the Nexus order portal

Prices, click here

Published November 5, 2019

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