New features in Nexus order portal allow you to minimize card administration time!

The next time you are going to order a new ID06 card, select ”Help with ordering” in the Nexus order portal and follow the process after that, book an appointment at Sistec and the card holder will get support with the following:

  • Registration of personal data
  • Photo and uploading the photo in the portal
  • Make sure the right documents are enclosed by the order

Card holder with a valid eID

The administrator can send a link from the Nexus order portal to the person who will get a new card. With a valid eID, the person will be able to identify and can then choose to register the personal information manually or collect the data automatically from the system. Easy, fast and with high security!

Invoices in the order portal

You can now see your company invoices directly in the order portal. You can also upload the invoices in pdf format.

 Sistec mobile teams on tour in Europe

After several of months of closed borders between countries in Europe, Sistec is now able to send out some of their mobile teams for scanning passports, IDs and to support with company registrations again.

Book an appointment with a Sistec mobile scanning team here

Nexus will produce, deliver and support you the entire summer!

Nexus support and production will be opened the entire summer. Contact the support team, fast and easy:

  • Mail to
  • Create an account and get help in the support portal

Here you will find a guide, how to create a support account

From June 30th our telephone lines are no longer in use, please send an email or use the support portal for quick support!

We wish all our customers  a nice summer!


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Nexus will continue to produce and deliver ID06 cards as usual

Nexus will continue to produce and deliver ID06 cards as usual Nexus will continue to produce and deliver ID06 cards as usual. We have ensured that we ha...

Old ID06 cards 1.0 will be blocked after January 21!

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The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises chooses Nexus for ID06 cards for their member companies!

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