Card exchange Nexus

Checklist for the upcoming card exchange

In the first half of 2024, most of the ID06 cards ordered via Nexus ID06 will be replaced. We have created a checklist to make the process as smooth as possible for you.

1) Update the cardholder's address

-Be sure to update the cardholder's address if he / she has moved or want the card to be delivered in another address then the previous order.

2) Make sure you have a portrait photo that meets the photo requirements

-The photo must not be older than 6 months. See the full photo requirements here

3) Ensure the card holders name is correct

-Make sure that the cardholder's first and last name is up to date. 

4) Use our Self-Service portal

-For your employees who have Swedish citizenship and a BankID, we recommend that you use our Self-Service portal. The portal facilitates the administration and involves the cardholder who can approve the information in the portal and sign with their BankID. Read more about our Self-Service portal here.

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