Expand the use of your physical ID card with a Mobile ID

With Nexus Mobile visual ID users can combine an access card, photo ID card or a company card from Nexus with a mobile ID. The identity of the user can be secured with their photo, name and company information, in the same way as with a physical card, but in a mobile phone which is more convenient. So, if the user has forgotten their physical card, the mobile phone still might be available, and the working day can proceed without any interference or problem.

What is a Mobile ID?

A Mobile visual ID is a virtual ID card hosted within a mobile app, that can be used to identify yourself visually. It can contain links to certifications that can be secured by two-factor authentication (2FA). A Mobile ID is a complement to a physical card (which, of course, can also be used for secure login to systems and digital resources).

How to use a Mobile ID

In many professions it is important to connect a person to a certain level of authorization to prove that the person has the competence needed (for example for craftsmen). Up to now the solution has been to print the information on a card, and if you have many different certifications, you might end up with a bundle of plastic cards. With Nexus Mobile ID you will have all the information gathered in on place.

How to get started

If you are a Nexus customer, you can issue a Mobile ID in the Nexus ID06 order portal. To the order portal

A Mobile ID is always a complement to the physical card and you must make sure that you have a valid card in order or get a mobile version.






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