ID06 - Rules and requirements

Is to increase security and minimize the risk of cards being manipulated or copied. An ID06 card has confidence level 2 (Level of Assurance 2, LoA2), which means a high level of trust and the card follows the eIDAS regulation, which, for example, regulates BankID in Sweden.


To be able to order a new ID06 card the person needs to be identified via an eID or an approved passport or national ID must be scanned at an authorized scanning company, for example at Sistec.

For more information about registration of foregin companies, click here. 
List of approved countries and eID´s here

If you are now a Swedish citizen and/or not connected to the Swedish insurance system there are several of documents that needs to be added when ordering an ID06 card:

A1 certificate for EU Citizens

The A1 certificate shows which social insurance system a person belongs to. The A1 certificate must be attached when ordering cards for an EU Citizen posted from a foreign company. The employee will get the certificate from the local authority in his/her homeland and the certificate shows that the employee already belongs to another social insurance system and therefore should not pay for social contributions in Sweden. The A1 certificate is mandatory when an EU Citizen employed in a foreign company applies for an ID06 card.

Read more here; ID06-card EU EEA citizen. 2021-01-14

Rules for third country Citizens 

In Sweden and in the rest of Europe rules for working- and residence permit are settled by EU and by the local authorities in each country. The rules and requirements can therefore vary from country to country, make sure you keep yourself updated!

The rules also vary if the person is employed in a Swedish company, a foreign company (not registered in Sweden) or is self-employed. 

Read more about rules for third Country Citizens here

Rules for Brithish Citizens 

Special rules for  British citizens 2021-01-14

Rules for asylum seekers and track changers for an ID06 card LMA 

ID06 card LMA can be ordered for asylum seekers with LMA cards who are employed or gain internship at a company, organization or a municipal agency. The ID06 card LMA needs to be ordered through the company/organization ID06 account.

For asylum seeker who change tracks from asylum to apply for a residence and work permit in Sweden, there are other rules to get an ID06 card LMA. 

Read more about rules for asylum seekers/track changers to get an ID06 card LMA

You will find more information about the 183 day rule, here (pdf format)

Information from ID06 AB, explaining the 183 day rule, here

Guidelines for the photo at and ID06 card

Since the ID06 card is an identification document, the photo needs to fulfill certain rules. The photo must be sharp and clear and you are not allowed to wear sunglasses or dark eyeglasses for example. If the photo does not fulfill the rules, the card will not be produced!

You will find the complete photo guideline here