Learn the exact process of ordering an ID06 card

How does it work?

To be able to order an ID06 card the company must be registered in the ID06 system by the authorized signatory. In the next step, personal accounts must be registered by the orderer, and card holders. Click at the illustrations below to find out what needs to done at each step of the process:


Step 1



The authorized signatory of the company creates a personal account in the ID06 system, registers the company and can then invite administrators to the ID06 system.

The authorized signatory must approve the company registration by signing the agreement with an eID or via passport scanning



Step 2



The orderer will get an invite, via email, to create a personal account in the ID06 system. Afterward, the orderer is able to register a card order and can select in the order portal if the cardholder should identify with eID or with scanning of a passport or a national ID. 

When an order has been registered, Nexus must approve the photo and make sure the enclosed documents are correct. If not, the order will be canceled and the administrator will get a notification in the order portal and can then change the photo and/or the documents.

Step 3


Cardholder with eID

The cardholder will receive a verification link in an email and can then log in to the ID06 system, get identified with an eID and create a personal account.

Afterward, the cardholder must confirm the card order otherwise the ID06 card can not be produced.

Step 3


Cardholder with passport

The cardholder needs to book an appointment at Sistec where the passport or the national ID can be scanned. After approved scanning, the cardholder can create a personal account in the ID06 system. Check with Sistec which documents are needed for the scanning process.

The cardholder must confirm the card order otherwise the card can not be produced. 


Step 4


Approved registration

When the identity of the cardholder has been approved in the ID06 system and the cardholder has approved the card order, the order is ready and will be sent to Nexus.

When the order arrives, Nexus must verify that the photo follows the rules and that all documents needed for the order have been uploaded in the order portal. When everything is approved, the card will be produced.



Step 5


Nexus delivers the card

Nexus will produce and deliver the card to the selected address!

You can select Standard delivery, which is included into the card price, or, if you are in a hurry, select Prio or Express for fast delivery.