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Register company

Guide, register the Company Manual support to register the Company? Contact Nexus partner Sistec for more information

Scanning process

Doesn´t the card holder have BankID? Nexus offers scanning of passport or national ID cards as an identification method via our partner Sistec AB. You can visit any of their offices or you can book a meeting with their mobile team. You will find more information here List of approved national IDs for scanning Follow these steps to order a card with passport/ID scanning:
  1.  Select ”manual ID verification in the order portal.
  2.  When the order is confirmed, the card holder will receive an email with instructions for the scanning process.
  3.  After approved scanning, the card holder must create a personal account in the ID06 system.
  4. The card holder will approve the card order with passport or a national ID card.
Guide, create a personal account with passport/ID card Guide, approve a card order with passport/ID card Guide, activate a card with passport/ID card

Order cards

Order new ID06 cards 2.0 here How-to-guides for ordering, here

Activate cards

Guide, activate ID06 card with BankID Guide, activate ID06 card with passport/ID card

Create an ID06 account

Guideline, create account with BankID Guideline, create account with passport/ID card

Photo requirements

If the photo at the card does not fulfil the requirements, Nexus are not allowed to produce the card. If the card order is rejected by Nexus due to the photo, the order must be adjusted and a new photo which fulfils the requirements needs to be uploaded. Download photo guidelines Order cards in Nexus order portal