FAQ category: Change/block cards

What´s the difference between Blocked card and Terminated card?

A Blocked card can be activated again and used again. A Terminated card can´t be activated again and a new card needs to be ordered.

Company logotype

The logo must be 354px x 118px for the new card standard. Upload the logo Nexus order portal 1, Click at your company name in top menu. 2, Select NAVIGATION in the drop-drown menu. 3, Select LOGOTYPE SETTINGS in the drop-down menu to the left. 4, Upload logotype and EDIT LOGOTYPE. Your upcoming card orders will be printed with the chosen logotype. SEK 20 will be added to the standard card cost for a color logotype.  

Block card

Follow these steps:
  1. Log in to the Nexus order portal.
  2. Select HANDLE CARDS.
  3. Enter National identity number, name of card holder or card number. ENTER.
  4. Click at the symbol (magnifying glass) to the right of the card that you need to block.
  5. Select BLOCK CARD.
In the ID06 portal you can select Block card or Terminate card. The difference is: A Blocked card can be reactivated and the card is ready for use. A Terminated card can´t be reactivated and you need to order a new card. Companies will be invoiced a card fee (yearly and quarterly) from ID06 AB for all their activated cards. So it is important to block or terminate a card which should not be used!

How do I change a card order?

  1. Log in to the Nexus order portal and select HANDLE CARDS.
  2. You can use the National identity number, card number, orderer, name of card holder etc for the search. 
  3. Click at the symbol to the right of the card you need to change.
  4.  The chosen card will be displayed on screen. To the right, you can see the number of actions available for the card order. You can also replace the photo from this view.
  5. The card holder will receive a message to approve the changed information.