FAQ category: Activate cards

The link to approve or activate a card doesn´t work/haven´t received a link

1, Use a computer (not a mobile device) and Google Chrome as web browser. 2, If you don´t have access to a computer, download Google Chrome to your mobile device and try to login via Google Chrome. If it still doesn´t work, please Contact ID06 AB at support@id06.se Download Google Chrome here. Did you not receive a link?
  1. Check with the administrator at your Company that the order is correct; right Spelling, right email etc has ben registered in the order portal. If not, the order must be adjusted and a new link can be send out.
  2. Check that the order has the same email registered as you have registered at your ID06 account. If not, adjust so that you have the same address in both portals.
  3. You can also log in to the IDO6 portal directly to approve the card.
If it still doesn´t work, please Contact ID06 AB for support and they will send out a new link from the system; support@id06.se

PIN code

A PIN will be generated when you activate your new ID06 card. At some Construction sites, you will need to display your card to the electronical card reader and then add PIN for access. Check your PIN code:
  1. Log in to the ID06 portal
  2. Click at My cards
  3. Click at your card. At the bottom of the side, click at Show PIN.
  4. Enter your card number, shown as BB-xxxx-xxxxxx at your card.
  5. The PIN will now be displayed on screen.

Problems with the card when accessing to the construction site?

Check the following: 1, The new card needs to displayed to the electronical reader for a longer time than before. 2, Show the entire card to the reader. 3, Have you activated your new card? The card needs to be activated before it can be used. Activate your card 4, Contact the supplier of the electronical reader, or if you are a visitor, contact the manager at the Construction site.