Register the Company

How do I register the company?
Not able to login with BankID?
Wrong personal information has been registered

Inlog information

If I am already a customer, do I need to register a new account?
How do I login to my ID06 account?

Register a company

Where do I register the company?
Do you need manual support to register your company and/or your personal ID06 account?
Why am I not the authorized signatory?
Approved companies in the ID06 system

Create personal account

Who needs a personal ID06 account?
How do I register my personal ID06 account?
Do you have problem to register your ID06 account?
How do I change the personal information at my ID06 account?

Add administrator/orderer

How do I add or take away users?

Order cards to several of companies

Is it possible to order cards for several of companies?
How do I add a company?

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You need to use the Google Chrome browser to sign up in the ID06 portal.

Download Google Chrome

Do you have problem with?

  • Create a personal ID06 account
  • Log in to your account
  • Verify your account
  • Activate your new card
  • Company owner cannot approve the registration

Then you have to contact ID06 AB