ID06 card LMA for asylum seekers

ID06 card LMA can be ordered for asylum seekers with LMA cards. There are special rules for an ID06 card LMA and that specific card will soon be available in Nexus order portal.

When an ID06 card LMA is ordered, please follow these steps:

  • The asylum seeker/LMA card holder books an appointment at Sistec for scanning of the LMA card and for the identification process.
  • The original passport or a copy of the passport document certified by the Swedish Migration Agency must be included when visiting Sistec. This can be issued by sending an email to or by visiting any of the agency´s national service centers.
  • A copy of the contract of employment must be included when visiting Sistec.

An ID06 card LMA can´t be produced unless the above requirements are fulfilled.

More information and book an appointment at Sistec

Rules and requirements for asylum seekers with LMA card

ID06 card for EU/EES citizens

The rules for ID06 card and how long time a card is valid depends on the following:

  1. If the card holder is an EU/EEA citizens who are employed in Swedish companies
  2. If the card holder is an EU/EEA citizens who are posted from foreign companies in the EU/EEA

Rules and requirements for EU/EES citizens  

ID06 cards for third country citizens

There are different rules to get an ID06 card for third country citizens (non EU/EES citizens) depending on wherever the card holder is:

  1. Third country citizens employed by Swedish companies
  2. Third country citizen employed in foreign companies
  3. Third country citizen as self-employment

Rules and requirements for third country Citizens

More information and book an appointment at Sistec

A1 certificate

The A1 certificate shows which social insurance system a person belongs to. The A1 certificate must be attached when ordering cards for an EU Citizen posted from a foreign Company. The employee will get the certificate from the local authority in his/her homeland and the certificate shows that the employee already belongs to another social insurance system and therefore should not pay tax for social fees in Sweden.

The A1 certificate is mandatory when an EU Citizen employed in a foreign company applies for an ID06 card. 

How to register a foreign company

A company based in a country outside of Sweden must be registered in the ID06 system in a manual process at Sistec. The rules for the company registration might vary, depending on which country the company is based in, but the following rules are common for all:

  1. The authorized signatory needs to present at the manual registration process and that can´t be delegated to anybody else!
  2. The authorized signatory must have a valid ID at the registration process. Make sure the ID is valid due to ID06 AB´s requirements.
  3. A registration certificate for the company (or a copy) must be included.

English, Lettish or Czech sole proprietorship companies must contact ID06 AB for a pre-registration before the company registration can be done. Pre-register at
When the pre-registration is approved, book an appointment for the company registration at Sistec.

Important information regarding valid passports and ID cards

ID06 AB establishes requirements for which ID documents should apply in the ID06 system.

Irish passport issued before 2013 and Polish ID-card before 2015 is not valid documents for scanning.

List of approved passports and IDs

Where can I register a company?

Foreign companies must book an appointment at an authorized scanning company for the registration process and we recommend Sistec. Due to high demands in January and February, Sistec have reduced drop in so it is very important to book an appointment!

Most company registration can be done at any of Sistec´s offices in Sweden or at any of their mobile teams abroad, except for companies based in any of the countries, listed below. Make sure to check with Sistec which office you should book an appointment at!

List of countries that requires control ocular control of ID documents

Book an appointment at Sistec for company registration