Why choose Nexus ID06?

Nexus is the largest supplier of ID06 cards

Why choose Nexus ID06?

We want to provide more for our customers. With Nexus you should feel secure. We keep our promises and together with us you will be able to take important steps to scale up the security for your organization, now and in the future.

Lots of smart features

You will get access to an order portal with functions that make administration faster and more efficient. Whether you are a one-person company or a large corporation, Nexus has the tools to make your card management safe and efficient.

We secure large productions and fast deliveries

Our large production capacity ensures your deliveries, whether it’s one card or a large volume. Our order portal has features that make it easier for you as a customer. We support you all the way.

Support for industry organizations and member companies

Are you a member of a trade association? Do you represent an industry organization? At Nexus you get full system support to quickly and easily check certifications and training statuses, and the industry label on the card serves as a quality assurance for all parties without extra administration and without hassle.

Experts in physical and digital security

The important thing is that you know that Nexus has expertise, products and services that actually make a difference for you as a customer; that our experience and cutting-edge knowledge help you take the next step to a more secure organization. Because we don’t just make ID cards, we dare to say that we are experts in both physical and digital security.

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