How the ID06 system works

ID06 is a system to increase the security at constructions sites and make sure that only authorized people are able to access the site.

ID06 card - a high security solution

The purpose of the ID06 card is to increase security and minimize the risk of cards being manipulated or copied. It is also important to strengthen the connection between employer and employee, as well as show that there is an employment and that the employer is serious. The system makes it difficult to employ black labour, a problem that the construction industry focuses on getting rid of.

An ID06 card has confidence level 2 (Level of Assurance 2, also abbreviated LoA2), which means a high level of trust and the card follows the eIDAS regulation, which, for example, regulates BankID in Sweden.

Name, photo and card number are laser engraved, which means that the data cannot be scratched away. Some customers find that the new cards are greyer than before and the laser engraving makes the results look different to the previous ones, but it will be a safer and more sustainable result.

The new cards also contain several techniques, partly an emulation (software copy) of MIFARE Classic and PIV standard (Personal Identification Verification), which means that the same information that is engraved and visible on the card is also on a secure certificate in the card.

Those who use the EM technology, for example to enter buildings, need to supplement the new ID06 cards. It can be done in several different ways and we recommend one of the following:

  • Card holder with EM transponder
  • Card with EM technology
  • Key fob with EM

All options are available in the Nexus order portal

A safer alternative is to change the technology in doors to safer methods, please contact Nexus so we can help you in the process!


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